God Will Never Stop Loving You

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Seagull in Flight 5x7 oil

When I was down in Monterey, CA, I took a bunch of photos and this is one of them that I painted from. I cut the boats out and left the masts, thought it made a more interesting composition, and allowing the seagull to be the focal point.

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Violets in Light 6x6 oil Sold

I really love painting the light, the light reminds me of God. Those that live in the light shine out of darkness. When dark days come upon me I have to remember who am I living for, me or Christ? It is so easy to live by my own nature but a battle to live for Him. Dear God, let me see your light and not my own darkness.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lobelia in Blue 5x7 oil

These lobelia were out on my back deck. The sun was shinning and casting wonderful shadows.
When I was a child I never thought to be an artist, even though I loved to color and create.  I was always observing and researching all the whys. One of the observation that caught my attention was being overwhelmed with the light that trickled within the shadows. As I got older and taking visits to the museums, the paintings that took my breath away were the ones filled with light and shadows.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Glowing Mustard 6x6 oil Sold

 Every flower has it's own unique design. Each detail that you observe on every petal God has made perfect for us to enjoy. He is the Master of it all! What I paint, He created it.

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Geranium Flower and Buds 8x10 oil Sold

I haven't posted for awhile, I have been occupied with a commission painting and a painting journal. The painting journal is of a mother Junco bird starting from building her nest, the eggs, her nesting and finally the baby birds. I will be posting it soon.

  What inspired me to paint this geranium was the large stem and the angels of the buds. I thought it had a really neat design to it.

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