God Will Never Stop Loving You

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Geraniums in the Cottage Window 6x6 oil

The sun blares through the window casting it's yellow glow. The geraniums stand tall absorbing its warmth. God's light never fails.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Peach Tea 6x6 oil

I brought the box of peach tea in later. My first inspiration was the sugar dispenser, the highlights and lines in the glass seemed so appealing. Putting the orange box of tea behind the sugar made it that much more dramatic.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

"Time for Tea" 6x6 oil

It's time to relax and take a break, a cup of tea, a good book or maybe a nap. The kids are at school, the husband at work, the house was cleaned yesterday, there is food in the fridge, it is time.            

"Basking Lobelia" 11x14 oil SOLD

This painting was from my deck in the backyard. The sun was blasting on the lobelia and created a wonderful shadow.

"Primroses" 5x7 oil

I stopped at the market and saw these primroses. Primroses (Primula) are native to the Himalayas and cooler regions of Southeast Asia and Europe.

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"Last Nights Tea" 5x7 oil

Lavender is one of my favorite plants, I will never get tired of the aroma. Everything that God has created is so remarkable and it's all for us.

"The Red Cup" 5x7 oil

I seem to be using a lot of red objects in my paintings lately. Years ago I would have never dreamed of using so much red. Funny how we change over time. Having a cup of tea always reminds of a time to relax.

"Sunlit Geraniums" 6x6 SOLD

I am always looking for the light. With these red geraniums the yellow light made a good contrast. God's light is amazing!

"Past and Present" 7x5 SOLD

The skate is a memory from the past. Memories of getting your first skates, memories of falling and memories of finally sailing down the sidewalk. The flower is in the present but will soon be the past as it fades away. A painting will capture that moment in time.

"The Red Sprig" 5x7 oil Sold

I painted this old sink from a vintage cottage in Carmel. Outside the kitchen window was a flower box full of geraniums, I set the sprig on the washcloth to give the old sink some freshness. I am attracted to old things, they have so much character.

"Pansy in a Tin Can" 7x5 oil

It was mind boggling to get the values correct in the tin can. I had to remember to concentrate on the shapes and presto a tin can.



"Full Bloom" 5x7 oil Sold

African Violets in full bloom, not always common for me. This painting is being shown in a miniature and small painting show at Gallery North.