God Will Never Stop Loving You

Thursday, May 22, 2014

"Sprig in the Cottage Sink" oil 8x8

This old sink was in a cottage in Carmel that my husband and I stayed in. I have painted this sink before in different perspectives. I picked the sprig of geraniums from the window box outside the cottage. I am so attracted to old things, they have so much to say without speaking. 

"Spring Brings the Lilacs" oil 8x10

The lilacs are in full bloom right now and are so beautiful. I have a lilac tree in my backyard that is covered with lilacs. I clipped some off the tree to paint this painting, they started to show a sign of wilting so had to get the painting done soon. I took some pictures of other set ups to paint, one of them are the tree itself. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Glowing Hydrangeas oil 8x10 SOLD

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Blooming Geranium oil 5x7

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"The Painted Apple" oil 6x6 Sold

On the turps container I took some turps and paint and let the red and blue colors drip down.  Wanted to get that dripping effect, seemed to work real well. Getting ready to teach a workshop tomorrow, it is always exciting to see the end results of each students paintings.

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"Past Memories" oil 8x10

My friend Ken took this photo of this old collapsing barn, located in the Santa Cruz mountains. I grew up in the foothills of that area. Been to Santa Cruz quite a few times in my life as a child and adult. I was drawn to the beautiful blue in the shadows . So many memories lie within this frail old barn.

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A Walk in the Park oil 8x10

This is a painting of my husband and our bichon dog, Toby. It was a hot summer day and the light was coming through the trees casting these wonderful shadows. There is a lake in the middle of the park, you can walk around it and view the beautiful surroundings. The photo was taken a couple of years ago, I had always wanted to paint it and finally I did. Toby just took a few brush strokes and was done.

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