God Will Never Stop Loving You

Friday, February 28, 2014

Tugboat Tugging oil 8x10

While on the road in our travels in California, I saw this Tugboat and snapped a photo of it. The paint on the old boat was wearing out and the little red boat it was tugging inspired me to paint this piece. It was an overcast day and the colors seemed to pop instead of any light.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Primroses in Yellow oil 8x8

I saw these primroses before entering into the store, had to stop and buy some. It was as if they were saying buy me. I always like to go through them to pick the ones that would make a good model. Just like doing a figure painting they do move. The next day they would turn or the buds would be opening. Either you have to remember their position the day before or hurry and get them done.

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One Gerbera Daisy oil 8x10

This is another Gerbera Daisy that were from the three daisies in the image below. I wanted to paint as many as I could before they were gone. Flowers come and go but a painting of flowers will last a very long time.

Gerbera Daisies oil 8x10

My son and his wife bought me these beautiful Gerbera Daisies. There were orange, pink and these deep red ones. I just had to paint them. I took them out of the vase they came in and took three of the red ones and plopped them into this jar. I pushed the two close to the wall to get those wonderful shadows.

Dainty Violets oil 6x6

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Flowers in Purple oil 7x5


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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Soon to be Applesauce 8x10 oil Sold

In the past I use to paint so many paintings of apples, lately I have been painting a lot of flowers. It was a nice experience to paint apples again. I set this still life up wanting to capture the light hitting each object. I blocked out the light on the left to allow a shadow on the back apple. I started out with a lighter background, it looked dull and didn't do any justice to the jar, so I darkened the values of the entire background so that the jar would stand out more.

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Waterfall Mt Rainier 8x10 oil

On a trip to Mt Rainier heading up to Paradise we stopped to see this beautiful waterfall.  The surroundings are so beautiful it diffidently looks likes it could be paradise.

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Flowers in the Courtyard 8x10 oil

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A Care for Flowers 8x10 oil

Years ago I took an interest in planting flowers plants etc., I studied garden books constantly, learning what I could. I wasn't painting at that time, but now I seem to paint so many flowers. They shine in the garden. Today I plant most of them in pots, that way I can bring them in to paint.

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