God Will Never Stop Loving You

Friday, March 15, 2013

Cypress at Carmel by the Sea 8x10 oil Sold

This Cypress is a monument to Carmel. A very popular site. We took a trip to Carmel and stopped here to take in the view, as did a lot of people. I really liked how the fog in the distance looked and how the cypress really stood out. God does beautiful work!

Sunset on the Carquinez Straights 8x10 oil

This scene is located on the Carquinez Straights in California. If you were riding in a boat, just around the bend you would see the Golden Gate Bridge.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Canoes on Bass Lake 8x10 oil Sold

This is a painting at Bass Lake Calif. I really liked the composition on the way the canoes were sitting. I use to spend time in the summer there with my family. A lot of wonderful memories.

Dove Sightseeing 8x10 oil

I took a photo of this dove when I was visiting my brother and his wife. I call her the bird lady, she brings a lot of birds into her yard. They have a flock of doves that sit up in the trees just looking around and fly down and enjoy their meal. This is one of the doves that looked like he was enjoy the site. Couldn't wait to get home and paint it.

Salt and Pepper Sold

A Time to Relax Sold