God Will Never Stop Loving You

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Friends 8x10 oil

This trowel and silver dust flower seemed to look like friends to me, they go hand in hand. The trowel will make a home for the flower to grow. Pretty much what Jesus does for us, He plants the seed and wants us so much to grow in Him. The silver dust plant was sitting to the right of the trowel, a branch of the silver dust hung down next to the trowel on the bench. The sun was coming from behind, casting the beautiful shadows.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Just A Glimpse

"Just a Glimpse"
oil, 8x10"
This setting was in my backyard, instead of painting the whole scene of the flowers and pot, I thought it was more interesting to just paint a part of it. Also wanting it to display simple, a section of the flowers, pot and shadow did just that. Just passing by and at the corner of your eye you took a glimpse.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

"Daisies" 7"x5" oil Sold

Painting flowers for so many years, I sometimes just paint from memory. Or take a peek at what the flower looks like and just go for it without looking again. Arraigning the setup in your mind  can be tricky, but rewarding if all goes well. This is how this painting came about. I just paint what feels right with each brush stroke. I started out with just the lobelia but it seemed to lack a center of interest, so I added the daisies. That seemed to make it pop and bring your eye to a focal point. Painting flowers never gets boring, there are so many different species to choose from.