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Monday, June 9, 2014

From the Beginning till Birth Oil Paintings

Stage 1 "Mama"
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Stage 2 "Mama's Eggs"
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Stage 3 "Mama Sitting on Her Nest"
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Stage 4 "Babies Born"
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I was sitting out on my deck and noticed a Junco bird walking right pass me. My eyes followed where she was heading. She flew right up into my planter stand which contained some yellow primroses, she was building her nest along with her mate.

I was really worried because other birds had built their nests in my flower containers on the deck before and the babies didn't make it. I was nervous but I couldn't stop her, she was on a roll bringing in straw, moss etc., etc.

I took pictures with each process, from building the nest till the babies where born. The painting where she is sitting on her nest, I was sitting pretty close to her and zoomed in with my camera. The painting that shows the babies born, I was able to get a shot from inside the house looking down at them. 
I would whistle, Jesus Loves You every time I would walk out on the deck, they seemed to feel comfortable around me.

The babies did make it and flew away but I think that they are still around and feeding from the bird feeder. 

After the nest was empty I saw the mother days later on the roof. I whistled that tune again to see if it was her, she flew down by me and sat on the chair to say hello. To my surprise she laid some more eggs about two weeks later, they made it too.

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  1. Hi Linda, I am an avid bird nest watcher and painter so your post delighted my heart and eyes today.
    Beautifull. Love the story too.